Cable Glands

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Cable Glands

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Cable Gland - 12mm Black (CG12B)
Cable Gland - 12mm Grey (CG12G)
Cable Gland - 16mm Black (CG16B)
Cable Gland - 16mm Grey (CG16G)
Cable Gland - 20mm Black (CG20B)
Cable Gland - 20mm Grey (CG20G)
Cable Gland - 25mm Black (CG25B)
Out of stock
Cable Gland - 25mm Grey (CG25G)
Cable Gland - 32mm Black (CG32B)
Cable Gland - 32mm Grey (CG32G)
Cable Gland - 40mm Black (CG40B)
Out of stock
Cable Gland - 40mm Grey (CG40G)
Cable Gland - 50mm Black (CG50B)
Out of stock
Cable Gland - 50mm Grey (CG50G)
Cable Gland - 63mm Black (CG63B)
Cable Gland - 63mm Grey (CG63G)
Cable Glands
Cable Glands

IP67 cable glands, made from UV stable fire retardant nylon.

Available in 12, 16, 20, 25, 32, 40, 50 & 63mm.

Also available in black or grey.

Split Quantity:

CG12, CG16, CG20 & CG25 - 100/bag

CG32 - 25/bag

CG40 - 20/bag

CG50 - 10/bag

CG63 - 5/bag

Carton Quantity: 1000

Cable Gland - 12mm Black (CG12B), Cable Gland - 12mm Grey (CG12G), Cable Gland - 16mm Black (CG16B), Cable Gland - 16mm Grey (CG16G), Cable Gland - 20mm Black (CG20B), Cable Gland - 20mm Grey (CG20G), Cable Gland - 25mm Black (CG25B), Cable Gland - 25mm Grey (CG25G), Cable Gland - 32mm Black (CG32B), Cable Gland - 32mm Grey (CG32G), Cable Gland - 40mm Black (CG40B), Cable Gland - 40mm Grey (CG40G), Cable Gland - 50mm Black (CG50B), Cable Gland - 50mm Grey (CG50G), Cable Gland - 63mm Black (CG63B),Cable Gland - 63mm Grey (CG63G)