10KA 1 Pole Din Rail Mount MCB

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1 Pole Din Rail Mount MCB rated at 10KA
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6Amp 1 Pole MCB 10KA (MCB10/106)
10Amp 1 Pole MCB 10KA (MCB10/110)
16Amp 1 Pole MCB 10KA (MCB10/116)
20Amp 1 Pole MCB 10KA (MCB10/120)
25Amp 1 Pole MCB 10KA (MCB10/125)
32Amp 1 Pole MCB 10KA (MCB10/132)
40Amp 1 Pole MCB 10KA (MCB10/140)
50Amp 1 Pole MCB 10KA (MCB10/150)
63Amp 1 Pole MCB 10KA (MCB10/163)
10KA 1 Pole Din Rail Mount MCB
10KA 1 Pole Din Rail Mount MCB 10KA 1 Pole Din Rail Mount MCB 10KA 1 Pole Din Rail Mount MCB 10KA 1 Pole Din Rail Mount MCB

► Higher kA rating: 10kA. ► Complete din rail mount MCB. ► Designed by electricians for electricians. ► Free tripping mechanism, cannot be held on against a fault.

Pulset’s range of miniature circuit breakers all conform with the IEC60898 and AS/NZS 4898:1997 and is approved by the Australian Standards. (Approval Number N11193) The range comes with a Pulset life time guarantee.

We are distributor and supply worldwide!

You can call us if any queries to place your order for MCBs.

  • MCBs Available in 6A, 10A, 16A, 20A, 25A, 32A, 40A, 50A & 63A. 
  • Code: MCB10/106, MCB10/110, MCB10/116, MCB10/120, MCB10/125, MCB10/132, MCB10/140, MCB10/150, MCB10/163
  • Split Qty: 12 Carton Qty: 240

1 pole Miniature Circuit Breaker available in following AMPs with us.

  • 16Amp 10KA 1 Pole MCB
  • 6Amp 10KA 1 Pole MCB
  • 10Amp 10KA 1 Pole MCB
  • 20Amp 10KA 1 Pole MCB
  • 25Amp 10KA 1 Pole MCB
  • 32Amp 10KA 1 Pole MCB
  • 40Amp 10KA 1 Pole MCB
  • 50Amp 10KA 1 Pole MCB
  • 63Amp 10KA 1 Pole MCB

Available Amperage: 6, 10, 16, 20, 25, 32, 40, 50 & 63 Amp

Poles: 1, 2, 3 & 4 Module

Curves: b, c & d

Rated Voltage AC: 240V/415V

Electric Life: Over 6,000 operations

Mechanical Life: (O-C) Over 20,000 operations

Ambient Temperature: -5 up to 40oC

Rated Frequency: 50 (60) Hz.

Weight: 1 Pole: 125g, 3 Pole: 375g

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