240V / 440V Contactors 9A - 125A

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240V / 440 V Contactors 9A - 125A

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240V Contactor - 20A (CONT/D0910)
Contactor 240V 20A (3NO + 1NC) (CONT/D0901)
240V Contactor - 25A (CONT/D1210)
240V Contactor - 32A (CONT/D1810)
240V Contactor - 40A (CONT/D2510)
Contactor 240V 40A (3NO + 1NC) (CONT/D2501)
240V Contactor - 40A 2 N/O and 2 N/C (CONT/D2508)
240V Contactor - 50A (CONT/D3210)
240V Contactor - 60A (CONT/D4011)
240V Contactor - 70A (CONT/D5011)
240V Contactor - 75A (CONT/D6511)
240V Contactor - 110A (CONT/D8011)
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240V Contactor - 125A (CONT/D9511)
Out of stock
Buy Contactors | motor contactors
Buy Contactors | motor contactors

660V AC contactors rated up to 95A and 50 or 60Hz. Suitable for making, breaking and frequently starting AC motors.

Combined with the auxiliary contact block, timer delay & machine-interlocking device, it becomes the delay contactor, mechanical interlocking contactor and star-delta starter.

With the thermal relay, it combines into the electromagnetic starter.

Available in 20, 25, 32, 40, 50, 60, 70 & 75Amp.

Also available is a CONT/D2508 which has 2 N/0, 2 N/C contactors.

Split Quantity: 1

Carton Quantity:

CONT/D0910, CONT/D1210, CONT/D1810, CONT/D2510, CONT/D2508, CONT/D3210 - 50PCS

CONT/D4011, CONT/D5011, CONT/D6511  - 20PCS

CONT/D0901, CONT/D1201, CONT/D1801, CONT/D2501 - 50PCS

240V / 440 V Contactors 9A - 75A are available in following model :

240V Contactor - 25A, 240V Contactor - 25A, 240V Contactor - 32A, 240V Contactor - 32A, 240V Contactor - 40A, 240V Contactor - 50A, 240V Contactor - 60A, 240V Contactor - 70A, 240V Contactor - 75A,

240V Contactor - 110A - Discontinued

240V Contactor - 125A - Discontinued 

AC3 Contactor Rating is shown in the code , For Example : CONT/D0910. The D09 in the code represents AC3 9amps.

For Example CONT/D1210. The D12 in the code represents AC3 12amps.

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