Thermal Overloads

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Thermal Overload 0.1-0.16A (TO/1301)
Thermal Overload 0.16-0.25A (TO/1302)
Thermal Overload 0.25-0.4A (TO/1303)
Thermal Overload 0.4-0.63A (TO/1304)
Thermal Overload 0.63-1.0A (TO/1305)
Thermal Overload 1.0-1.6A (TO/1306)
Thermal Overload 1.6-2.5A (TO/1307)
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Thermal Overload 2.5-4.0A (TO/1308)
Thermal Overload 4.0-6.0A (TO/1310)
Thermal Overload 5.5-8.0A (TO/1312)
Thermal Overload 7.0-10A (TO/1314)
Thermal Overload 9.0-13A (TO/1316)
Thermal Overload 12-18A (TO/1321)
Thermal Overload 17-25A (TO/1322)
Thermal Overload 25-36A (TO/2355)
Thermal Overload Large 23-32A (TO/3353)
Thermal Overload Large 30-40A (TO/3355)
Thermal Overload Large 48-65A (TO/3359)
Thermal Overload Large 55-70A (TO/3361)
Thermal Overloads
Thermal Overloads Thermal Overloads


Thermal overload relay suitable with series CONT/ contactors.

50Hz frequency, rated working voltage 500V, rated working current 0.19A to 95A.

Thermal overload suitable with series CONT/ contactors.

TO/1301, TO/1302, TO/1303, TO/1304, TO/1305, TO/1306, TO/1307, TO/1308, TO/1310, TO/1312, TO/1314, TO/1316, TO/1321, TO/1322, TO/2353, TO/2355 suitable with contactors CONT/D0901, CONT/D0910, CONT/D1201, CONT/D1210, CONT/D1801, CONT/D1810,CONT/D2501, CONT/D2508, CONT/D2510, CONT/D3210

TO/3353, TO/3355, TO/3357, TO/3359, TO/3361 suitable with contactors CONT/D4011, CONT/D5011, CONT/D6511, CONT/D8011, CONT/D9511

Split Qty: 1

Carton Qty: 100

Thermal overloads are available following options :

Thermal Overload 0.1-0.16A, Thermal Overload 0.16-0.25A, Thermal Overload 0.25-0.4A,Thermal Overload 0.4-0.63A,Thermal Overload 0.63-1.0A,Thermal Overload 1.0-1.6A,Thermal Overload 1.6-2.5A,Thermal Overload 2.5-4.0A,Thermal Overload 4.0-6.0A,Thermal Overload 5.5-8.0A,Thermal Overload 7.0-10A,Thermal Overload 9.0-13A,Thermal Overload 12-18A,Thermal Overload 17-25A,Thermal Overload 23-32A,Thermal Overload 25-36A Thermal Overload Large 23-32A,Thermal Overload Large 30-40A,Thermal Overload Large 37-50A,Thermal Overload Large 48-65A,Thermal Overload Large 55-70A