6KA 3 pole Din Rail Mount MCB

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3 pole Miniature Circuit Breaker rated at 6KA.

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6Amp 3 Pole MCB (MCB6/306)
10Amp 3 Pole MCB (MCB6/310)
16Amp 3 Pole MCB (MCB6/316)
20Amp 3 Pole MCB (MCB6/320)
25Amp 3 Pole MCB (MCB6/325)
32Amp 3 Pole MCB (MCB6/332)
40Amp 3 Pole MCB (MCB6/340)
50Amp 3 Pole MCB (MCB6/350)
63Amp 3 Pole MCB (MCB6/363)
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6KA 3 pole Din Rail Mount MCB
6KA 3 pole Din Rail Mount MCB 6KA 3 pole Din Rail Mount MCB 6KA 3 pole Din Rail Mount MCB 6KA 3 pole Din Rail Mount MCB

3 Pole MCB, Pulset series of miniature circuit breakers have been developed to provide high quality, reliable circuit protection for your safety and piece of mind. The range is suitable for overload and short circuit protection and can also be used for an unfrequented switch-over of the circuit and illumination under normal conditions.

Pulset only uses the best materials for their products including German Tri-metal components, making the Pulset miniature circuit breaker range extremely reliable. The MCB’s are designed for AC Circuits 50/60Hz, with a rated voltage of 240 Volts for the single pole range and 415 Volts for both the double and three phase range.

The miniature circuit breakers are all complete with standard DIN rail mounting and fit in standard electrical consumer units and also accepts pin / finger type busbars.

Pulset’s range of miniature circuit breakers all conform with the IEC60898 and AS/NZS 4898:1997 and is approved by the Australian Standards. (Approval Number N11193) The range comes with a Pulset life time guarantee.

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3 Pole complete din rail mount miniature circuit breaker, rated at 6KA.

Available in 6, 10, 16, 20, 25, 32, 40, 50 and 63Amp

Split Quantity: 4

Carton Quantity: 80

  • MCBs Available in 6A, 10A, 16A, 20A, 25A, 32A, 40A, 50A & 63A. 
  • Code: MCB6/306, MCB6/310, MCB6/316, MCB6/320, MCB6/325, MCB6/332, MCB6/340, MCB6/350, MCB6/363

6KA 3 pole Miniature Circuit Breaker available in following AMPs with us.

  •   6Amp 6KA 3 Pole MCB
  • 10Amp 6KA 3 Pole MCB
  • 16Amp 6KA 3 Pole MCB
  • 20Amp 6KA 3 Pole MCB
  • 25Amp 6KA 3 Pole MCB
  • 32Amp 6KA 3 Pole MCB
  • 40Amp 6KA 3 Pole MCB
  • 50Amp 6KA 3 Pole MCB
  • 63Amp 6KA 3 Pole MCB

Technical Specification for Pulset's Miniature Circuit Breakers

 Amperage Available

 6, 10, 16, 20, 25, 32, 40, 50 and 63 Amperage

 Pole Available

 1Pole, 2Pole and 3 Pole


 1 Pole – 110g

 2 Pole – 220g

  3 Pole – 340g

 Rated Voltage

 240V / 415V AC

 Electrical Life

 Not less than 6000 operations

 Mechanical Life

 (O-C) not less than 20,000 operations

 Rated Temperature

 40 degrees Celsius


 Treatment 2 (RH95% at 55C)

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